David Elsenbast

Over 30 Years Experience

  • For more than 30 years, David  has been a leader in the emerging agricultural and renewable fuel marketplace. David worked for 12 years with Renewable Energy Group (REG) in roles including Vice President, Supply Chain Management. Most recently, David served as Vice President, International Feedstock Development, where he led international fats/oils/grease trading and sales of co/by-products business activities into the international markets. 
  • REG is a biodiesel and renewable diesel industry global leader offering biodiesel and renewable diesel (HVO) through large petroleum companies and fuel distributors. During David's time at REG, they grew from a company with $30M in sales up to a publicly traded company with $2.2B in sales and consistent cash flow of over $100M. 
  • David spent 16 years with Milk Specialties, a leading global animal health and nutrition company that manufactured and marketed milk proteins, energy, fats, and animal health products. David's various responsibilities included general management of a business unit as well as purchasing, business development, and manufacturing for the entire company. 

Relationships Across Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel, Fats/Oils/Grease, and Agricultural Industries

Experience that lends itself to creating resourceful, solid relationships:

  • Sourcing and purchasing raw materials needed to manufacture biodiesel and renewable diesel
  • Managing vendor selection, supply chain planning, transportation and logistics
  • Marketing and sales of biodiesel process co-products including glycerin, fatty acid, oleolipids, and bioesters
  • Executing over 30 terminal positions for downstream fuel distribution
  • Oversight for commodity risk management and input procurement for eleven biorefinery production facilities 

This diverse set of experiences built David a network of vendors, biofuel companies, and professionals across the feedstock, oils, and biofuel markets both in North America and across the globe. 

International Expertise

  • David has a proven record sourcing inputs,  feedstocks, establishing vendor relationships, developing supply chains, and selling co-products across continents. 
  • Most recently, David worked in developing fat, oil, and grease supply chains in South America, Asia, and Australia. He then successfully moved  those inputs to European and North American markets, and moved co-products to South America and Asia. 

Industry Leader

  • David is serving as President of the Board of Directors for the American Fats and Oils Association, and has been a BOD member for 11 years. As a forward thinker in the biodiesel and renewable diesel market, David has regularly spoken at various domestic and international industry conferences.
  • David has earned an Advanced Management Program Certificate from University of Chicago, Booth School of Business a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business from Iowa State University, and a Black Belt in Six Sigma.